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Personal Portable Vaporizers

For an ultra-modern and healthy smoking experience with our portable vaporizers. Smoke Scene in New York, New York, allows you to relish the flavors until the last drop while you're on the go.  Pick up your own personal vaporizer device from our shop for a luxurious vaping experience.

Personal Vaporizers

Aside from our electronic cigarettes, we also carry a range of trusted name brands of vaporizers at affordable prices. Get to appreciate your favorite herbal blends, essential oils, or tobacco products in vapour form. Our collection of vaporizers includes:

• Atmos ™ (Designed in the USA)
• Vapir NO2™ (Complete with Digital
• Pax by Ploom™
• Cloud-Micro™
• G Pen & Micro G Pen™
• Snoop Dog G Pen™



Popular Brands

Allow Smoke Scene to introduce you to its celebrated brands of vaporizers. Magic-Flight™ is one of our crowd-favorites as these products are US-made with a five-year warranty.  Get the best-selling vaporizers including Pax™ by Ploom™, which is available for only $249.95. We also feature Firefly™, which is a dynamic convection vaporizer that is complete with the following:

• High Power Lithium-Ion Battery
• Charging Adapter
• Cleaning Kit
• 5-Year Warranty

New Stock

New vaping devices are available each week. Every product is tested before it comes out of the market to ensure quality and safety.

Smoke & Plug

Say hello to the digital plug-in vaporizer from Volcano® Digital Systems. Plug into a computer or any USB adapter to keep the battery fully charged. Our Volcano Classic can also be plugged directly into a wall socket. All of our Volcano products are made in Germany and are available in digital or classic.

Product Warranty

Most of our brands include a one-year warranty from the manufacturers, though used vaporizers are excluded from our return policy. We strictly implement a seven-business-day exchange policy. As long as the device is unused and in original condition, you can present your unit along with your receipt to our representatives for returns.

Contact us in New York, New York, today to get your hands on our state-of-the-art portable vaporizers.